Japanese travel agency sells tour plans of Ingress for Tōhoku

Japanese travel agency WILLER TRAVEL cooperated with Niantic and started the sale of tour plans of Ingress to the Tōhoku(Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima, Akita, Yamagata) district "Tōhoku Ingress Plan". Virtual items are included in travel expenses.

For a reconstruction aid of Tōhoku from 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, Niantic brings back portal submissions of the coastal place area of Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima in April ~ May, and hold an portal submissions event "Ingress: Initio Tōhoku Mission" on April 24. WILLER TRAVEL supports agents by selling tour plans. They will open a special page of the English version on April 12 and sell these tours to agents visited from the foreign countries.

Niantic held an event last year in Tōhoku, and more than 6800 agents gathered. This year, Niantic CEO John Hanke participates in "Ingress: Initio Tōhoku Mission".

The first Japanese board game which utilized VR

Japanese board game company Gift 10 Industry released the first Japanese board game which utilized VR "Anyubis no Kamen(アニュビスの仮面: The Mask of Anyubis)". The price is 3,980 yen(about 36USD).

Anyubis no Kamen is a game of the cooperation type to play with 2-7 people. As can be seen, a motif of this is Anubis which is one of ancient Egyptian God, and the simple VR goggles(Mask of Anyubis) which designed his head are included in this set.

This is a treasure hunt game to search for in dungeon. Players search for dungeon in the virtual world with Mask of Anyubis in turn, cooperate, and make a map.

Only one Mask of Anyubis, one player can see dungeon only one minute, and players must tell structure of the dungeon which oneself saw to other players exactly. It may be said that this is "Chinese whispers" game.

They let 500 sets for the reservation already sold out. Now, they sell this in board game shops.

InfoLens sells VR HMD in family friendly department store in Japan

Toy sales company InfoLens started sale of Accessories 4 Technology's VR Head Mount Display "STEALTH VR" in Japanese family friendly department store AEON.

AEON is one of the Japanese main retail stores. there is it in the  what kind of country town in Japan(Rather it is useful like a lifeline in the country , because the country has little entertainment). Consumers can buy all things necessary for life and can finish all business if they come here. There is a handy amusement place of families of the countries. VR is one of the hottest topic in Japan, but it's only early adopters of the urban area still now. InfoLens is going to spread VR movement to families of the countries.

STEALTH VR is VR HMD using smartphones. If the size of the screen of smartphones are 4 - 6 inches, what kind of smartphones are available. Even any countrymen use smartphones now, and this is the good gadget for simple VR experience. The price of this is 9,800 yen(about 88USD).

Supercell's new mobile game Clash Royale holds a fan meeting event in Tokyo

Supercell does promotion activity well in Japan. They got the popularity in cooperation with Japanese advertising agencies, media and partners. As a result, they gathered many fans in Tokyo Game Show 2015.

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Next, they hold a fan meeting event of their new mobile game Clash Royale in Akihabara, Tokyo on April 16 in cooperation with game community Lobi.

Lobi is the game community and chat service that Japanese Web service / contents production company Kayac runs. They started the offer of the fan meeting event held service for game developers in Lobi. Developers can announce the fan meeting event of their games in community of Lobi. Kayac supports developers, in charge of the administration of the event, live streaming, the writing of the event report article in Lobi.

Supercell's Clash Royale is the first example of this service. They invite only 80 participants by lot in Lobi. The entrance fee is free, but it is a fierce battle! The event is carried out in e- sports form and shown in Youtube Lobi channel.

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The hologram videos which you can watch on smartphones

Now, Virtual Reality is one of the hottest topics in Japan, but is there the method to be able to enjoy "Virtual" more easily? This Palm Top Theater is the entertainment goods which show a three-dimensional hologram by superimposing three kinds of pictures on three levels on smartphones.

The body of this is paper, users can enjoy hologram video easily by setting own smartphone to this, and starting apps. Three semitransparent mirrors are fitted in the inside of this, each reflects different video and puts it together.

The structure is simple, but you can look at the 3D hologram by the naked eye. Now, this cooperates with TV program "Ichara" and offers the contents of this. The price is 1,500 yen(without tax).