InfoLens sells VR HMD in family friendly department store in Japan

Toy sales company InfoLens started sale of Accessories 4 Technology's VR Head Mount Display "STEALTH VR" in Japanese family friendly department store AEON.

AEON is one of the Japanese main retail stores. there is it in the  what kind of country town in Japan(Rather it is useful like a lifeline in the country , because the country has little entertainment). Consumers can buy all things necessary for life and can finish all business if they come here. There is a handy amusement place of families of the countries. VR is one of the hottest topic in Japan, but it's only early adopters of the urban area still now. InfoLens is going to spread VR movement to families of the countries.

STEALTH VR is VR HMD using smartphones. If the size of the screen of smartphones are 4 - 6 inches, what kind of smartphones are available. Even any countrymen use smartphones now, and this is the good gadget for simple VR experience. The price of this is 9,800 yen(about 88USD).

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