[Report] TV anime of Japanese mobile game superstar Nameko began on today

Today, the short anime series of Japanese mobile game superstar Nameko "Nemko -Sekai no Tomodachi-(なめこ~せかいのともだち~: Nameko -Friends of World-" began in national public broadcasting channel NHK.

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Japanese mobile game superstar Nameko become TV anime in public broadcasting channel NHK


Nnf nnf!(I'm moving smoothly!)

Nnf nnf(There is the original character only for this anime. His name is Pero)

Nnf nnf!(Handsome Nameko, Nameko-Senpai!)

Nnf nnf!(Robo-Nameko, His head is full of data!)

Nameko-Senpai said, "Nameko forest is a good place. However, something is insufficient."


Then, cute Love-Nameko came over.

"Oh! You are necessary for Nameko forest!!" Girls were not in Nameko forest till then.

Love-Nameko said, "Nameko forest is a very good place. However, I feel that this place is unkindness. Because, though it is very large here, there is no guidance signboard."

Nnf nnf nnf nnf nnf nnf~~~~~~~~

Nnf!!(I've got it!!)

"We become guides, and let's tell charm of Nameko forest to friends of the world!"

"Same scarves are cool!"

They formed team NUR in this way...

This is broadcasted in NHK's education program for kids "Nyanchu World", and the theme of this program is "Let's get along well with people of the world!". So, the theme of stories of Nameko anime is the same as it. In a sense Nameko forest reflects present Japan. This is also an education content for kids. Various rare Nameko comes up from now on. Various rare Nameko comes over to Nameko forest from now on. Anyway, I look forward to it.

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