mixi's mobile game Monster Strike collected donations of 90K dollars for Kyushu earthquake in three days

From April 14, big earthquakes attack the Kyushu area in Japan, they still continue and therefore the restoration activities are late. Now, Japanese many companies collect donations from their clientage.

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Among them, mixi achieved remarkable result. They announced that they contributed all sales of virtual currency of their popular mobile game Monster Strike "orb" for Red Cross from AM0:00 April 16 ~ AM3:59 April 18. Then, the sales of "orb" recorded 9,806,160yen(about 90,079USD) in these three days(Actually 51 hours 59 minutes).

One orb is 120yen(about 1.1USD), when it's simple and calculated, 81,718 orbs would sell for donations. The donation activity using a virtual currency and virtual goods is not rare now. However, their speed is phenomenal.

mixi added 10 million yen(about 91,860USD) to these and contributed 19,806,160yen in total to the Red Cross.

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