[Social Good] Crowd funding utilized as good donation platforms in Japan's Kyushu earthquake

the Kyushu area, the southern in Japan are attacked by many big earthquakes. In particular, the damage of Kumamoto Pref is serious. They were attacked by an earthquake of magnitude 6.5 on April 14, furthermore attacked by an earthquake of magnitude 7.3 on April 16. Because of these, the important cultural property of the temple and the castle were broken, a dam collapsed, the bridges fell, landslides occurred in the mountains, and 39 inhabitants died. The scale of earthquakes are equal to Great Hanshin earthquake of 1995.

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What is the most necessary for the stricken area of the disaster? ---It's money. Revival costs vast money. However, donations are accompanied with some worry. Will our money be spent properly? What kind of revival activity will our money be utilized for? Therefore, Japanese crowd funding platform Campfire carries out an interesting activity. They raise donations with the format of the "project".


They raised donations only by 500yen(about 4.5USD) plan, and raised 3 million yen from 1200 supporters in two days(It's triple the aim). A good point of crowd funding platform is that reports of activity are shown. Supporters can know that their money is spent fairly. They choose groups to entrust with donations, and they conduct rescue operations at stricken areas at once.

In addition, other Japanese crowd funding platform performs the project like them, too. For example, Ready for? prepared for various amounts of money plans and collected 4,500,000 yen from 609 people.

Kyushu earthquake had examples of new "Social Good" in Japan. Crowd funding was not yet common at the time of one of 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. However, Japanese people were used to crowd funding in five years. We can't conquer nature, but we can help each other by experience.

By the way, Japanese Red Cross raises donations until June 30 for revival from ‪Kyushu earthquake‬. Overseas friends, please support ‪Kyushu‬ area in ‪‎Japan(‬in particular Kumamoto Pref). And please scatter the information of this ‪disaster‬.

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