Submarine having eyes of the fish

This is a toy for kids, but if you are an adult loving goldfish or tropical fish, this becomes the useful gadget for you. CCP, the subsidiary of Bandai, released an underwater recording toy “Submariner Camera” which can take pictures and videos of fish in the aquarium.

It is designed like the miniature submarine, and users can control it by infrared remote control. It is also radio control toy, and users can take pictures and videos of the favorite fish near them. What should users do if fish escape? Don't worry, this has extendable arm to sprinkle bait. If users sprinkle bait using this, the fish forget the fear to a submarine and come near it. The camera can record five minutes video(VGA: 640×480 pixels, 30fps) and take about 800 photos (Quad-VGA: 1280×960 pixels) in its built in 256MB internal memory. When you want to share videos and pictures in various places, connect a submarine to a PC using accompanying USB cable. The price is 10,778 yen(tax included).

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