Foreign tourist visiting Japan, please install "Safety tips" in your mobile as anti-disaster measures

Because Kyushu is famous as a sightseeing spot in southern Japan, many foreign tourists suffer from this Kyushu earthquake. Japan may be safe in the peace and order, but It's not so in the disasters. Rather Japan is a "department store of the disasters". Earthquake, tsunami, heavy rain, flood, typhoon, tornado, volcanic eruption, heavy snow, blizzard... every disaster attack Japan through the year. Therefore the global safe ranking of Japan is slightly low. Can you survive if you suffer from disasters in Japan? Japan Tourism Agency thought that they must send the information of disasters to foreign tourists in real-time to make Japan a great tourism nation. Therefore they provide application "Safety tips" to send the information of disasters to by various languages in push notification. It supports English, Chinese, Korean and the downloading is free(iOS/Android).

By this application, you can know the information of the disaster attacking Japan in real-time. You can communicate using brief conversation templates even if you suffer from disasters. It will be good to learn about the appropriate action at the time of the disasters before a trip to Japan. Much caution does no harm. Please learn about disasters and enjoy trips to Japan.