LINE released the charity stickers of the Kyushu earthquake in a global market

Messaging application LINE started the sale of the charity stickers of the Kyushu earthquake in Japan. Users can buy these in sticker shop in the application and LINE STORE of the Web. The price is 120yen(50 LINE Coin).

Whenever big disasters happened somewhere, LINE released charity stickers. They sold charity stickers for 2013 Typhoon Haiyan in Philippine and contributed 58,773,190yen(about 540,008USD) to the Red Cross, and contributed 32,170,035 yen to the Red Cross for 2015 Nepal earthquake like it. The donation activity using LINE's stickers is common now in Japan, but in the case of 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, they did not sell charity stickers unexpectedly.  Naturally, because LINE has not yet existed in March, 2011(LINE was released in June, 2011).

I write this many times, Technology and the action of people greatly change in only five years. Even if services and the tools which did not exist five years ago become the current common sense, it is not mysterious.

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