Tokyo international book fair

The trade fair "16th Tokyo international book fair" held on July 9th to 12th.


"Tokyo international book fair" is a trade fair of the publishing trades, and guest can buy a book at discount for a period. Because there is much exhibition of the overseas publishing company, the guest can watch the rare book which They cannot buy in Japan. A company and group of about 800 exhibited it this time from world 30 countries, and there was the exhibition from Iran, too.





Not only the exhibition of the book of "the paper" but also the exhibition of "the electronic book" increases recently.

Dai Nippon Printing was exhibited "AR(Augmented reality) fashion magazine" and "AR(Augmented reality) fish illustrated book"

What AR?

When We photograph a book with a Web camera and look with a PC, various image and movie appear to the screen.
A lot of children gathered for "AR fish illustrated book". It seems to become pleasant that the children study such an illustrated book.

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