mixi app "Sunshine Bokujo(ranch)" got 5M users

"Sunshine Bokujo" is an agriculture social game most popular in Japan. ("Bokujo" means a "ranch" in Japanese.) This app started service at the same time as mixi apps started in last August. Thereafter, increased the number of the users steadily while various problems occurred.

Sunshine Bokujo
http://mixi.jp/run_appli.pl?id=7157 (Login to mixi is necessary)

But, Sunshine Bokujo isn't a social game developed in Japan. originally, Chinese social game developer "Rekoo Media" developed.

Rekoo Media Ltd.

Rekoo Media sponsors a similar agriculture social game in Chinese SNS and MySpace.

MySpace ver.

Many Japanese users complained first "Funny Japanese! " (Translation was strange). And many Japanese still prejudices against China and a Chinese. Nonetheless Sunshine Bokujo got 5M users.

The fun thing transcends a language, nationality and prejudice.

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