Do you want to save the food expenses? Then let's plow the virtual field!

Agriculture social game is extreme popularity now in Japan. Japanese social game developers began the development of the Japanese original agriculture game, too.

This mixi apps "農力村(Noryokumura)" is very unique in that.
(農=Agriculture, 力=Power, 村=Village)

http://mixi.jp/run_appli.pl?id=19547 (Login to mixi is necessary)

Noryokumura consists of mainly in a vegetable garden and a rice field. Users arranges them and decorations items and makes myfield.

There are various kinds to rice. There are various kinds to rice, and a production place and the taste are different each.

Volume of production increases when we put a scarecrow.

Not different from other agriculture social games to here. But...

They begin to present the real crops to users in July. For example, when you produce 2kg Koshihikari(The one of the kinds of rice) in game, real 2kg Koshihikari arrive in your home.

Virtual goods in the social game are changed for reality goods! (*゚ー゚)

For the first, farmer Mr. Tanaka's crops are presented for users.

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