Atami & virtual love game "LOVE PLUS+" tie-up event was great successes.

Japanese famous sightseeing spot "Atami" and virtual love game "LOVE PLUS+" held a tie-up event at July 10 - Aug 31.

LOVE PLUS+ is a Nintendo DS game that enjoying love with the virtual girlfriend. There are three virtual girlfriends and the player chooses the girlfriend of the favorite type and associates.


In addition, the iPhone apps ver. released for 600yen, too.




Atami set up the AR markers which could take a ceremonial photos with a girlfriend in 29 places of the city. In addition, they held a stamp rally event and sold commemorative goods.

This Atami's trial became the topic very much, and more than 3,000 LOVE PLUS+ player visited Atami "with a girlfriend". They did even that they stayed at the twin room of the hotel with a girlfriend.

Atami was the sightseeing spot which was famous in a hot spring for several hundred years. But, by the present age, Atami is deserted because Japanese traveling abroad.

This trial brought vigor and a sightseeing income in Atami and The Wall Street Journal carried an article, too.

The otaku are easy to be misunderstood. Actually, Nippon Television of the TV station mediamorphosis and looked down on them.

But, game news site "Kotaku Japan" and the player's blog report the actual situation of the event.

Atami people said... (via Kotaku)

It was fun because a lot of young boys came. The number of grandchildren seemed to have increased.

We were surprised to be better-mannered than the common tourist! 

The whole Atami city was excited.

Sales of shops increased.
In addition, Atami people say like this.

Even if an event is over, please don't forget Atami. 
However, their worry seems to be imaginary fears. Because LOVE PLUS+ players plan an event voluntarily in autumn of Atami.

Atami could get a sightseeing income, and LOVE PLUS+ players made a memory with a girlfriend and knew charm of Atami.

I think this event to be a wonderful example of the win-win business model.

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