AR girlfriend of LOVE PLUS

I introduced LOVE PLUS and Atami event yesterday. Today, I write it about LOVE PLUS iPhone ver.




There are three kinds(three girl friends) of LOVE PLUS iPhone apps and 600 yen each. 

iPhone apps ver. is different from the contents of the Nintendo DS game. There are more few functions than a game, but the resolution improves.

Virtual girlfriend's graphic  is beautiful, and the motion is smooth, too!

Furthermore, the girlfriend wakes you up every morning in fixed time if you valued "voice" of the girlfriend.

But, the superior point of this iPhone apps is "AR". KONAMI distributes AR markers for exclusive use of this apps in Website.

Download these...

  take it with AR mode....

Girlfriend appeared in the reality world!

There is a sitting down ver. AR marker. Even if there is a man marrying a virtual girlfriend, this is not strange! :)

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