mixi can be used from a smart phone

Japanese big SNS mixi held conference event "mixi meetup 2010" today. By this event, various new strategy of mixi were announced.

There is a news flash in Asiajin.(It will be carried in TechCrunch, SocialTimes and Mashable soon.)

The one of today's topics is to have got possible to access mixi with a smartphone.
Up to now, mixi can be used only from PC and Japanese mobile(Galapagos mobile ).

[How to access from iPhone]
At first, start safari and access http://mixi.jp/.

Then, the mixi page optimized to the screen of a smart phone appears.

"ログインメールアドレス" --- Log in mail address
"パスワード" --- Password

My page was displayed. If you want to play a social apps, tap "その他"(mean "others") of the top right corner.

And tap "アプリ"(mean apps).

There sre 9 kinds of social apps that we can use from a smartphone now.

I play a town construction social game "Machitsuku!" of Unoh(Zynga Japan). Up to now, this game can be played only japanese mobile.

However, the problem still remains. It is that the mail address of the Japanese mobile is necessary to register the user in mixi. In a word, overseas peoples who doesn't have the Japanese mobile can't log in mixi.

The globalization of mixi will advance if it's improved.

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