Ameba Pigg official guide book

アメーバピグ 公式ガイドブック
アメーバピグ 公式ガイドブック

Japanese popular 2D virtual world Ameba Pigg's official guidebook was released on October 23th. Ameba Pigg is the most popular virtual world in Japan now. English ver. "Ameba Pico" opens, too.

The superior point of Ameba Pigg is that a design sense is excellent. Like it, the binding of this book is cool!

The main contents are...
*Area, NPC, Items and pets list
*Mini games list and tutorial
*Introduction of the famous person users
*Introduction of the fashionable users
*Inside story of development team

And, virtual goods present code is attached to this book.

There are three kinds of virtual goods........

I won the bus driver's uniform!

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