AR Cheburashka in Inokashira Park

Russian character “Cheburashka[J]” is very popular in Japan. A new movie[J] is shown on December 18th.  Then, Augmented Reality company Tonchidot executed the collaboration campaign by using Sekaicamera.

Sekaicamera users were able to see 3DCG of Cheburashka by using Sekaicamera in Inokashira-Park(Kichijoji, Tokyo).

You can take very interesting photos with Cheburashka overlaying the scenery of the real world.

You can change the size of the Cheburashka’s 3DCG

But, it was a shame that the campaign only ran for three days (October 9th-11th).  It was too short! I wish that it continues until the movie’s release date.

By the way, I began to write the article in ASIAJIN. You can see daytime AR Cheburashka's photos here. Please check it!

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