Making of "5th anniversary figure of Nameko"

Japanese mobile game superstar Nameko reached the fifth anniversary on last month and They hold a commemorative event "Nameko Paradise" to celebrate it in a basement shopping mall of Tokyo Station now. Therefore I made figure in commemoration of the fifth anniversary of Nameko and I went to this event with it.

This is the "making" photos.

The motif of the figure is one of the LINE stickers celebrating the fifth anniversary of Nameko. The downloading is here.

The base of the body is made of resin.

I made Kanji "祝"(means "celebration" in Japanese) and the silk hat with a plastic board.

Hands and feet are wires of the aluminum.

I painted these with lacquer spray.

I made the base of the figure with a plastic board, too.

I used an compressor, airbrush and the lacquer paint for the painting of Nameko.

The ribbon are made of plastic paper.

Completion! The production period was one week.

I presented this to Cardboard Nameko. He is the staff(Account Director)  of Beeworks Games, the developer of Nameko series.

Of course I reported this event and will show the report article of this later. Please wait a little.

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