[Photo Report] Japanese mobile game character Nameko's 5th anniversary event "Nameko Paradise"

Japanese popular mobile game series "Nameko Saibai Kit" reached the fifth anniversary last month, and its developer BeeWorks Games holds the fifth anniversary event "Nameko Paradise" in a basement shopping mall of Tokyo Station. It was really cool and cute!

Now, Nameko is known as a popular mobile game character, but originally, according to the chronological table which they showed in this event, he(or she) was designed as one of the monsters of the online game. This online game was not released, but Nameko remained in the memory of staff as an impressive character, and he(or she) appeared as a character of the inference game for Nintendo DS several years later. Furthermore, several years later, he(or she) became a popular mobile game character.

Messages for Nameko by fans.

New Namekos which were designed by fans.

A lot of limited goods of 5th anniversary designe.

In addition, they cooperate with other shops of the shopping mall. This is mushroom & vegetables ramen of the ramen restaurant "Soranoiro Nippon".

They aim at make Nameko a universal popular character not a transient boom. So to speak, Nameko is Japanese Angry Birds. Nameko made what Angry Birds should make in Japan.

By the way, they release the latest game apps of the Nameko series "Nameko No Su(なめこの巣: Nameko's Nest)" in this autumn.

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