Your iPhone becomes the thermometer

The cool drinks and dessert are necessities in hot summer, and it will be very convenient if we can take those temperature easily. Japanese gadget company Thanko released the gadget which changed iPhone and iPad into a thermometer easily.

When users insert it in earphone Jack and link it and application, iPhone or iPad becomes the thermometer. Because it is non-contact type, users can know its temperature just to bring it 1~2cm close to the thing which wants to measure temperature.

The time required is only one second. In addition, because it has a mode observing a change of the temperature, it is available for inspection and management. The observation log is controllable by Excel.

Its size is 56mm *13mm *13mm, weight is 7g and feeds it from iPhone or iPad. The price is 6,980yen(tax-included).

via http://www.thanko.jp/shopdetail/000000002656/

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