Earphone to listen to music with bones

Usually, we use eardrums when listening to music with earphones, but startup BoCo is developing a new generation earphone series "earsopen" that utilizes bone conduction technology. Last year it succeeded in raising about 100 million yen of development funding by the croudfunding project, and we can buy this at boco's retail stores, Yodobashi cameras, and online stores.

Earsopen is a bone conduction earphone that does not block my ears by listening to the sounds through the bones. By adopting proprietary bone conduction devices, they realized a high resolution class small bone conduction earphone. The good points of this can to listen to the surrounding environmental sound while listening to music. Furthermore, without damaging the eardrum, and those who have impaired hearing due to damage to the eardrum membrane can also hear sounds by bone conduction.
There are various packages, but the most reasonable set is 10,584 yen (including tax). Color variations are black and white.

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