Emergency SOS application

Suddenly sickness can happen to anyone, but unfortunately, there are many cases where quick life-saving treatment can not be done, and even if an ambulance comes, about 90% have died. What if someone who has knowledge of life-saving will stay until the ambulance comes? What if someone will lend an AED? They will surely be able to save more people's lives.

Coaido 119 is an emergency information sharing application that can send SOS to the surroundings while reporting to the ambulance in case of emergency. You can notify the ambulance from the application, and can request the life-saving volunteer for about 10 minutes until the arrival of the ambulance to the pre-registered medical qualified people, the life-saving lecturers and the AED holders.

Also, you can communicate information on emergency situations to them using location information, video, and voice chat from this application. And although it is still within 1 km from Ikebukuro station, this application has its own AED area call function.
They are conducting demonstration experiments of applications in Toshima Ward, Tokyo from January 2017 to January 2018, and recently expanded available areas to all over Japan. Now the application is only iOS version and downloading is free.

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