Potato chips with Japanese virtual Youtuber collection cards will be released in October

Now, virtual Youtubers(VTubers) are very popular in Japan, which is equivalent to real celebrities and artists. Real or virtual? 3D or 2D? That is not important issues. Are they cute? cool? good at singing? talks interesting? These are the important issues. Reflecting its popularity, in the middle of October, potato chips with popular VTuber collection cards "VTuber Chips" will be released. The price is 242 yen and it will be sold at convenience store FamilyMart, general store Village Vanguard, anime merchandise store Animate, and eCommerce site eStream Store.

The ranks of the cards are N cards, R(rare) cards, and SR(super rare) cards, and there are 16 each. There are 48 kinds of cards, and one card is randomly attached to each bag.

A list of VTubers participating in this.

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