I began a new project

Now, I'm in Akita of the my birthplace. Because, my dad died of lung cancer last month. Dad was still 60 years old. Besides, my parents are farming families of the mom and pop operations. My family is in a poor state now.

However, all the current Japanese farmer are poor. Hard labor, low income and High tax. Last year, 5 people committed suicide due to economic distress in our village. And my neighborhood hanged itself and committed suicide this month, too.

It is just the WORST.

Honestly, I want to run away from here. And I want to run away from Japan. However, what will happen to my mom if I escape from here? Mom must manage the farm alone. Any other work? The current Japanese farm village does not have the work. Furthermore, will the workplace employing the 60-year-old woman who can do only agriculture exist? Mom becomes depressed and will commit suicide if I escape from here.

After all, I must be here.

Therefore I thought. What is the root of the problem? It is "Poverty". Poverty causes all problems. What should we do to escape from poverty? We must do something new. In a poverty state, maintenance of the status quo is not helpful.

Therefore, at first, I opened blog of our farm.


I chose Ameba blog. This is blog service of the biggest in Japan, and SEO is great, too. I write post in Japanese and English here.

In addition, I opened the Facebook page of our farm.


I send information of various agriculture in Japanese and English in these first of all.

Japanese agriculture is the most far-off occupation for IT and English. Most people cannot buy a smartphone and a tablet let alone a PC for poverty. And nobody has English. However, will the situation change if I try it in it intensively?  I want to make a bet with social media and global.


Japanese popular game apps "Nameko" goes music!

I wrote about Japanese popular game application for smartphone "Nameko Saibai Kit(nameko mushroom cultivation Kit)" in March.
See Also: The game application which is the most popular in Japan is a "nameko mushroom"

They multiply more in Japan. It may be said that they are rivals of Angry Birds in Japan.

[SoftBank/au iPhone 4S/4専用]おさわり探偵 なめこ栽培キット カスタムカバー(みずたま)
[SoftBank/au iPhone 4S/4専用]おさわり探偵 なめこ栽培キット カスタムカバー(みずたま)
おさわり探偵 なめこ栽培キット 携帯スタンド
おさわり探偵 なめこ栽培キット がま口ポーチ(なめこ)
おさわり探偵なめこ栽培キット 押し出し消しゴム
おさわり探偵なめこ栽培キット 押し出し消しゴム

Now, goods of Nameko are sold at every place.

Furthermore, they release a compilation album on July 11.


In Japan, a music CD of a social game and the social application that made a hit was released several times until now. However, the characteristic of the CD of this Nameko is that participating musicians are really fans of Nameko. Musicians are players of Nameko Saibai Kit. Therefore they made a musical piece with love to Nameko.
We can have music played before buying here.


Tokyo Sky Tree in Virtual World

Japanese new landmark "Tokyo Sky Tree" opened this week. Now, we cannot enter there without the reservation because too popular.
If you want to go to the Tokyo Sky Tree by all means, let's log in to Ameba Pigg!

Japanese popular virtual world Ameba Pigg opens Tokyo Sky Tree area. this is the official area that cooperated with the real Tokyo Sky Tree.

Various official virtual goods of the Tokyo Sky Tree are sold here. These are totally like the souvenir.

This is the largest area in history of  Ameba Pigg. Of course the tower is reproduced precisely.

Let's take a photo at the front of the signboard!

And let's go to the observatory! When we click this arrow, we can teleport there.

because the uniform of the Tokyo Sky Tree's staffs are very cheesy, it became the topic on a social network. We can check them :)


Which stamp do you like?

Free communication apps for smartphones LINE  of NHN Japan is popular all over the world. They have already got 35 million users.

This has the function the "stamp" which can attach cute and funny illustrations with a message.

This is very popular with users. Therefore they opened a "stamp shop" last month.

Users can buy a charged stamp at a stamp shop. They are included in the stamps of a Japanese famous character.

NHN Japan announced the ranking of the purchase and the use of the stamp.

Purchase stamp of world ranking TOP5
1. Moon Special
2.Hage Ojisan(bald guy)
3.Nameko(The character of Japanese popular game apps "Nameko Saibai Kit")
4.Otome na Kanojyo
5.Mocchi to Oshaberi(Chattering with Mocchi)

Use stamp ranking of world TOP10
via http://lineblog.naver.jp/archives/6455829.html

Users buy and use the stamp of the original character of LINE than the stamp of the famous character.


Kompu Gacha? No! It's "Kombu Gacha"

Japanese startup Green romp released really funny Android apps. It is "Konbu Gacha".

Kombu Gacha is game apps to collect cards of popular kombu. When we collect eight kinds of kombu cards, we get a special rare kombu card as a reward.

It's Konbu card. However, these kombu cards are hard to appear very much, too.

It is almost such loser cards. (However, this is a tuna. A tuna is a rare item than kombu in the real world :))

Japanese Consumer Affairs Agency regulates Konpu Gacha from July. Let's play this early!