LINE has begun to sell music with a stamp(sticker)

Messaging apps LINE launched interesting music business. It is to sell a stamp(sticker) and music together.

They sell a stamp of G-DRAGON, the leader of Korean Boys band BIGBANG for 250yen(about 2.5USD). It is slightly more expensive than other LINE stamps. Other pay stamps are usually 170yen(about 1.7USD).

However, users who purchased a G-DRAGON stamp can listen his new song "Michi GO" in a LINE's talk room. In addition, this song is not yet released and is LINE monopoly offer. Users can get the audio file of the song by sending a stamp of G-DRAGON to his official LINE account. It will be easy for his fan to pay 250 yen for new song. Furthermore, they can get cute stamp, too. Now, music is virtual goods, and this is new style virtual goods business.

Invention of the Japanese university students: VR system which a sweetheart hugs from behind

This is invention letting us realize that we live in the 21st century. The students of Japan's Tsukuba University did interesting invention. At first please watch this video(from Noco Nico Douga).

This is the VR system which a sweetheart hugs from behind. One of the developers says "If I have a girlfriend, I think it's a good situation that she suddenly hug from behind me".

This VR system is comprised of a coat and headphones. The sound of headphones links arms installed in the coat, and brings sense of girlfriend hug from behind.

Nico Nico Douga users who saw this video say, "People who has no sense of direction of the effort" "If technology and academic ability are given to Hentai, it will become like this".

*In Nico Nico Douga, comment of users are displayed in a screen. If they are obstructive, click this icon which is under a screen.


mixi challenges a social game for smartphones again

Japanese social networking site mixi and Grenge, Joint venture of mixi and CyberAgent announced that they opens  new mobile social game platform of mixi "mixi collabo smage"(mixi collaboration smartphone game). It is going to open in the end of this month.

They releases puzzle game "Monpani" and a shooting game "Magical glider" as the first title. It is an interesting point that these are released as a native apps. mixi users can easily compete with a friend for score in these. Well, It is just similar to LINE Game and Kakao Game!

They offered a PC social games and a mobile social games until now. In the first place mixi was the social networking site that started a open platform earliest in Japan. However, unfortunately current mixi is the ruins. They yield to GREE and Mobage for a social game platform, and yield to LINE as community. Many people say that mixi is service of the old generation. This may be the key to revival of mixi.

Japanese new virtual worlds for smartphone "Pipul"

Sirok, subsidiary of CyberAgent released virtual world apps for iOS "Pipul".

We can make my avatar, enjoy real time chat with other users, coordinate various interior and fashion in Pipul. In addition, Pipul links with camera apps or smartphones "My365"(It is their first service) of Sirok, and we can check photos from Pipul.

They offer all fashion items in free of charge in commemoration of release until May 3.

Well......this resembles CyberAgent's popular virtual world AmebaPigg(It has users more than 13 million now). Furthermore, it resembles LINE's virtual world for smartphones LINE Play very much. LINE Play grows up earlier than AmebaPigg and has users more than 6 million. They may compete to LINE Play. And of course they are going to release Android ver. of Pipul in a few days.


Japanese popular smartphone game "Puzzle & Dragons" sells a sound track

Popular smartphone game "Puzzle & Dragons" of Japan's Gungho makes efforts in goods sale, but they sell the sound track, too.

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The main composition charge is Kenji Ito of the game and Anime composer. The sound track is sold on iTunes early on April 3(JPT). The set is 1,500 yen, and every one piece is 200 yen.  Physical CD is sold in a official mail order site Pazudora-Ya from April 26. After them, it is sold in CD shops in Japan from April 29.