mixi challenges a social game for smartphones again

Japanese social networking site mixi and Grenge, Joint venture of mixi and CyberAgent announced that they opens  new mobile social game platform of mixi "mixi collabo smage"(mixi collaboration smartphone game). It is going to open in the end of this month.

They releases puzzle game "Monpani" and a shooting game "Magical glider" as the first title. It is an interesting point that these are released as a native apps. mixi users can easily compete with a friend for score in these. Well, It is just similar to LINE Game and Kakao Game!

They offered a PC social games and a mobile social games until now. In the first place mixi was the social networking site that started a open platform earliest in Japan. However, unfortunately current mixi is the ruins. They yield to GREE and Mobage for a social game platform, and yield to LINE as community. Many people say that mixi is service of the old generation. This may be the key to revival of mixi.

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