Japan is approaching to world of The Terminator

Where can the computer approach the human brain to? The computers fought against a human being with chess than before. Similarly, the Japanese computers fight against human beings with Shogi(将棋; also known as Japanese chess).

Dwango, administration company of video sharing site niconico douga holds the game "Denousen(電王戦)" that shogi software "Puellaα" fights against professional shogi players.

It was held 4 times until now. Match Results are professional shogi player 1 win, Puellaα 2 win, draw 1. Well, computer wins!

The shogi is slightly more complicated than chess. Because the shogi has a rule to be able to use the pieces of the opponent whom oneself got for as one's pieces. How much are there the patterns of the play? I think like astronomical figures! :0

However, Puella α developer Eiki Ito  said, "The software already transcended excellent professional shogi player". Development of the shogi software began in Japan and passed for about 40 years, and it evolved dramatically in recent 10 years. Even if the computer faces it for a long time, it not tired and do not feel the pressure either. On the other hand, the human being has feelings and is tired. Furthermore, most shogi masters are elderly people. It is an important point that shogi software does not have fatigue and feelings.

In addition, the 5th game is held on April 20(It's a last battle!). May the human being win?


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