Commemorative AR of Doraemon

Doraemon is Japanese popular Manga/Anime, and Movie of Doraemon is shown every year in Japan in March. The total audience mobilization number of them broke through 100 million people this year. This is a record more than the Godzilla series.

Therefore the commemorative AR contents of the Doraemon movie are shown now. AR apps for smartphones "mue Alive!" is necessary for watch this. Japan's Knowledge Works provides mue Alive! and is developed based on Aurasma.

At first, read Logo with a camera. Official Logo is here.

The first loading time is slightly long. We may wait for 1~2min.

Doraemon has begun to move!

And an commemorative video of Doraemon movie is played. *The sound is played, too.

Unfortunately only Japanese is supported, but it is very cute!

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