Japanese new virtual worlds for smartphone "Pipul"

Sirok, subsidiary of CyberAgent released virtual world apps for iOS "Pipul".

We can make my avatar, enjoy real time chat with other users, coordinate various interior and fashion in Pipul. In addition, Pipul links with camera apps or smartphones "My365"(It is their first service) of Sirok, and we can check photos from Pipul.

They offer all fashion items in free of charge in commemoration of release until May 3.

Well......this resembles CyberAgent's popular virtual world AmebaPigg(It has users more than 13 million now). Furthermore, it resembles LINE's virtual world for smartphones LINE Play very much. LINE Play grows up earlier than AmebaPigg and has users more than 6 million. They may compete to LINE Play. And of course they are going to release Android ver. of Pipul in a few days.

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