LINE has begun to sell music with a stamp(sticker)

Messaging apps LINE launched interesting music business. It is to sell a stamp(sticker) and music together.

They sell a stamp of G-DRAGON, the leader of Korean Boys band BIGBANG for 250yen(about 2.5USD). It is slightly more expensive than other LINE stamps. Other pay stamps are usually 170yen(about 1.7USD).

However, users who purchased a G-DRAGON stamp can listen his new song "Michi GO" in a LINE's talk room. In addition, this song is not yet released and is LINE monopoly offer. Users can get the audio file of the song by sending a stamp of G-DRAGON to his official LINE account. It will be easy for his fan to pay 250 yen for new song. Furthermore, they can get cute stamp, too. Now, music is virtual goods, and this is new style virtual goods business.

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