The beginning of the end: Nintendo shuts down a part of the Wii network service

To be frank, Nintendo Wii U is the hard situation. In the first place the situation of Nintendo is hard, too. Meanwhile, Nintendo made a severe decision this week. Some of Wii network services are shut down on June 28.
  • Weather channel(お天気チャンネル)
  • Digital camera print channel(デジカメプリントチャンネル)
  • News channel(ニュースチャンネル)
  • Vote channel of all(みんなで投票チャンネル)
  • Nintendo channel of all(みんなのニンテンドーチャンネル)
  • Mii contest channel(Miiコンテストチャンネル)
  • Data exchange with the Wii friends in WiiConnect24(WiiConnect24でのWiiフレンドとのデータ交換)
Unfortunately these disappear from Wii menu after June 28. Originally the lineup of the Wii channel were 17. However, by this announcement, they decreased to 8. Less than half! Is this the beginning of the end?


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