Facebook stickers have very bad reputation in Japan

Facebook released latest version 6.0 of the iOS apps and added a sticker function to chat & message. However, unfortunately Facebook lost an evaluation in Japan more. Facebook stickers looks VERY NERDY for a Japanese. Now, they become the topic by a reason not cute in Japan.

Japanese Facebook users said, "Terrible quality", "Very ugly", "Not cute at all. Is this the difference of the cultural sphere?", "These may not be popular in the Asian area".

When I say honestly, I am opinions same as them. I felt they are very poor when watched these. And I did not feel character characteristics. It is necessary for them to dig into each character more.

I realized the splendor of the character design of Disney. Characters of Disney fly over sex, age, a race, nationality and are loved all over the world. It is the universal design from U.S. Facebook cooperates with Disney right now and should release tie-up stickers. However, LINE has already done it.


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Unknown さんのコメント...

I think that "Itty bitty glob" is very cute one :)

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