Japanese game personified syllabary "Hiragana" at last

Japanese games personified every thing until now. Battleships, tanks, fighters, guns, swords, Castles, bases of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, Heavy industrial machines, Gods and Buddha, Liquor, flowers, mushrooms etc... It is difficult to look for the things which are not personified. Today, the pre-registration of the new personification mobile game began. This is "Hiragana Danshi(Hiragana Boys)", It is the game that personified Japanese syllabary "Hiragana(平仮名)".

Hiragana is a kind of the Japanese phonogram(There is Katakana other than this). In most basic letters in the Japanese learning, it consists of 48 kinds. In other words, 48 characters appear in these games.

Each Hiragana is personified as handsome boys. They have voices, and voice actors play them.

For example, he is "U(う)".

"A(あ)" talks with "U(う)".

Originally this was a character making project of TV program I-chara. This was an audience participation program and they invited illustrations from audiences and made characters. This game is cross media development of this project.

Players become calligrapher and spin memories with puzzles with them. It is like single stroke puzzle. This is released in this summer.


Japanese popular mobile game Monster Strike got a own shop in Tokyo

Unfortunately mixi's mobile game Monster Strike did not succeed in North America(It is shut down on August 1), but is still popular in Japan. They opened physical shop "XFLAG STORE SHIBUYA" in Shibuya, Tokyo at last. Besides, the visit completely needs reservations.

This shop consists of 2 floors. 1F is the goods section, but there do not have stock of goods. Because...

Customers do shopping using a large display and own smartphone. They look at the sample of goods displayed in a shop and purchase them with a large display. The shopping data are saved in smartphone through application and the terminal of the display.

Customers put a smartphone in the terminal of the cash register counter. Then a payment amount of money is displayed by a terminal.

Staff waiting gather up goods in a bag according to shopping data.

Basement floor is a cafe and event space.

The stage is good to talk show and small e-sports.

Various art of the game are displayed to the cafe space. Of course the menus assume characters of the game motifs. Naturally customers will upload those photos in Instagram :)

When I look up at the ceiling, small figures hid. His name is "Oragon", the  mascot-like character of Monster Strike. It is totally like the treasure hunt to look for him.

This is a big challenge for mixi. Now, it is high-risk to have a large-scale shop(Besides, it is Shibuya!). But the visit reservation is favorable for the moment. It is fully occupied until June 19.


Colopl's popular game Shironeko Project is collaborate with theme park

I wrote it about Colopl's popular game Shironeko Project(白猫プロジェクト) cooperating with a cafe before.

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Cafe & Bar of Colopl's popular game Shironeko Project

Furthermore, they cooperate with Namco Namja Town, the indoor theme park. It is the indoor theme park which Namco runs in mixed-use skyscrape Sunshine 60 located in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

They have various attractions, but, on the other hand, cooperate with contents of other companies irregularly. Usually, the theme park is the place where children go to play, but low birthrate goes ahead through current Japan rapidly. If they cooperate with various contents, they can get visitors of youths and adults.

Colopl made an area of their mobile games Shironeko Project in Namco Namja Town. This is digital ghostleg lottery. we can get goods of game characters. Of course the probability of rare goods is low.

However, I got a rare mascot!

Namco Namja Town has a lot of food booths, and each booth sell foods which assumed characters of Shironeko Project motifs.

The goods of Shironeko Project are sold with goods of Namco Nanja Town in the shop, too. These goods were designed for this collaboration in particular. Of course these are sold only here.

This collaboration is carried out until July 17.