Japanese retro comic art in SecondLife

In art gallery "SUZUKAZE-YA Comic Art Gallery" of SecondLife, an exhibition of Japanese retro comic art is held.

SUZUKAZE-YA Comic Art Gallery1
The gallery is underwater.


At this exhibition, the works which are an underground of 70's are exhibited.

Works have two types, pop & erotic.

SUZUKAZE-YA Comic Art Gallery2

SUZUKAZE-YA Comic Art Gallery3

SUZUKAZE-YA Comic Art Gallery4

SUZUKAZE-YA Comic Art Gallery5

SUZUKAZE-YA Comic Art Gallery6
The erotic works express Japanese tight binding art. The Japanese bondage uses a rope.

All works are only the precious things which are not reproduced.

The period of the exhibition until December 11.

Gallery's official site(written in Japanese)

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