Traveling Avatar iPhone application

Tokyo based startup 1pac Inc. launched iPhone application "TRAVATAR".

"TRAVATAR" is the coined word that mixed "trip" with "avatar".

Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch
iPhone OS 3.0 is necessary
language: Japanese

"TRAVATAR" does a trip from my iPhone to other user's iPhone and gets a message from other users automatically.

In addition, other TRAVATAR comes to my space while my TRAVATAR travels.

You can register favorite TRAVATAR as "TOMOVATAR". "TOMOVATAR" is the coined word that mixed "TOMODACHI" with "avatar". ("TOMODACHI" means "friend" in Japanese.)

TRAVATAR links GPS, so you confirm a position as of a thing of TRAVATAR and can confirm the record of the trip later.

In Japan, call such communication "cross-purposes communication".  

The real-time chat with the mobile is not liked in Japan and it is hard to talk with the person who met for the first time familiarly.

Therefore the systems which can communicate with other person automatically are popular.

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