Tokyo vampire in mirror world

今の気分: アツイ
カテゴリー: インターネット/パソコン
I wrote the report article of the virtual world artist event the day before yesterday.

The guest of the event is techno unit "Aural Vampire".

They already hold show in Second Life four times, and even hold fan meeting event in Japanese virtual world "Daletto world" (Unfortunately "Daletto world" Shut down in September)

And they did a guest-shot in Japanese virtual world "meet-me" in a Halloween party on October 31.

"meet-me" is the mirror world which reproduced 23 wards of Tokyo.

The article is written only in Japanese, but there are a lot of photo. Please check it!

By the way, a Halloween party was held in Ariake,Tokyo of the real world on that day. (And Aural Vampire performed a show, too)

Halloween with real and Virtual and both!

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