1000 students gathered in the job fair in AmebaPigg

It is not already unusual that the job fair is held in virtual world. But, are there the company holding a serious job fair in the "cute" 2D virtual world? CyberAgent utilizes their virtual world "AmebaPigg" for job fair.

Now, CyberAgent strengthens overseas development, andpush forward the employment of the engineer for the development of the Android application. However, all niversity student may not live in the metropolitan area(CyberAgent holds a "real" job fair only in Tokyo and Osaka).

Last month, they held job fair in AmebaPigg for the university students who graduate from a university in spring, 2012. Then about 1,000 students gathered there. 40% logged in among them from country area and the foreign countries.

This cute avatar is CyberAgent CEO Susumu Fujita(Himself operates it properly!)

Then avatars of five employees appeared and did Q&A session with students.

As for job fair, the examples that used 3D virtual world and a virtual event system were found till now. Most of them are serious. All the participants wear suit and avatars are real graphic... But, CyberAgent and AmebaPigg proved that job fair could hold even cute 2D virtual world.

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