Japan first (World first?) social game magazine "Appli-Style"

On December 2nd, Japan first social game magazine "Appli-Style"[J] has been released. Costs 680 JPY (about 8USD). It's sold at bookstores and convenience stores.

The main contents are japanese social games of mixi, MobageTown Yahoo! Mobage, GREE, and Colopl(Location-based mobile social game) introductions. The most are social games for Japanese mobile.

The volume of contents are almost the same as the console game magazine! And I thought in this way. The movement of open platform in Japan was delayed from foreign countries one year or more. mixi became a social platform in August, 2009.After that, social game magazine is released in this way. What such a lot of social games can play "only in Japanese mobile" is abnormal.

If all of these Japanese social games become multilingual and can play with Facebook or smartphone, revolution will happen for a social game business.

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