How to play a FarmVille Japanese ver. "ファームビレッジ(FarmVillage)"

Zynga Japan released its flagship social game "FarmVille" in Japan under the name "ファームビレッジ(FarmVillage)" on December 1. Why is it Village not Ville? According to Zynga Japan general manager Shintaro Yamada's tweet [J], "Because the pronunciation of FarmVille and Building looks like in Japanese".

SoftBank finances Zynga Japan. And FarmVillage was released in SNS "mixi" of the biggest in Japan.

SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son, Zynga Japan CEO Robert Goldberg and mixi CEO Kenji Kasahara
Another photo from Son's tweet

FarmVillage is a social game for mobile. Goldberg said in press conference "Social game for PC is not yet mainstream in Japan".

FarmVillage's top page.

The duck explains the tutorial.

There is not the avatar.

This is my farm. It's considerably different from FarmVille.

The design of farm products are also original. And the duck wears the business suit.

It's necessary to manage the energy. It resembles FrontierVille and CityVille.

The duck wears schoolgirl's uniform!

The area of the farm broadens when you raise the level.

Of course the present for friends function is finished with implementation, too.

FarmVillage looks like the new game which is totally different from the FarmVille and FarmVille iPhone version. The operation has been optimized to the Japanese mobile. This is "only in Japan".

Clear images are here (Zynga Japan's web site)

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