Google celebrates a birthday of 22nd century robot "Doraemon"

September 3 is a birthday of Doraemon. Besides, this year is special! He is developed 100 years later. Doraemon is a robot of the 22nd century.


Doraemon is a Japanese manga series created by Fujiko F. Fujio. It became an anime series and a lot of character goods. He is popular now in Asia and Europe as well as Japan. Doraemon is a baby-sitter robot of the 22nd century. He attaches a pocket to the body, and various "secret gadgets" in this. He plays using them with Nobita of the primary schoolchild and helps him.

My ドラえもん
My ドラえもん
Why does the Japanese devote passion to robot development? One of the reasons is him. Every Japanese want to encounter Doraemon early. In the story of Manga, Doraemon is developed on September 3, 2012. Do you think that it is possible?

Regardless of possibility or impossibility, a birthday of Doraemon was celebrated while in Japan. And Google Japan did an interesting tie-up "Mirai Search". ("Mirai" means the "Future" in Japanese)


When you call "Doraemo~n" in a sound search of Google for smartphones, you can find various "modern secret gadgets". They are secret gadgets of Doraemon which became feasible at present. Of course they are incomplete than secret gadgets of the 22nd century. However, we can understand that we approach in the future surely. And we can notice Doraemon being a superior SF works.

ドラえもん (1) (てんとう虫コミックス)
ドラえもん (1) (てんとう虫コミックス)

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