Let's experience the Battle of Sekigahara by iOS application

Do you know the Battle of Sekigahara? It is a civil war of the biggest in Japan that happened in 1600. However, it becomes the popular contents now. Many novels, comics, TV dramas, movies, games about the Battle of Sekigahara were made until now. The games in particular attracted many fans. And it supports a tourist industry of current Sekigahara. Students of Tokyo Metropolitan University developed the iOS application ”SEKIGAHARA AR" that helped with sightseeing and the learning about Sekigahara.

This is application using Geolocation and Augmented Reality. We can puts the data of the armed forces which participated in the Battle of Sekigahara on a map of current Sekigahara and watch it.

Furthermore, we can check the name of samurai warrior and superstar warload when we enlarge a map. And when we click the name …

 we can read their "Tweet" by interface like a Twitter. If Twitter existed in 1600, What kind of Tweet would samurais do? It is a very fun to imagine it.

In addition, we can put AR shadow of samurais on scenery of current Sekigahara. Of course they are based on geolocation.

There is a method to realize a battle even if you cannot go to Sekigahara. You can put the lines of the Battle of Sekigahara on the hometown. Then you may realize the area of the battlefield more.

By the way, the Battles of Sekigahara happened on September 15 of the old calendar(It is October with the current calendar). The tourist industry of Sekigahara becomes busy from now on. I think that Sekigahara town office should use this application for sightseeing promotion.

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