NHN Japan's LINE earns 300 million yen by a virtual goods

NHN Japan announced that LINE got 60 million users today.

Recently, Facebook is popular in Japan, but LINE is more popular. Probably, reason is "simple". LINE users can chat and mail with users of the world seamlessly. The most important function is "LINE Stamp".

These are the illustrations which we can attach to a message. There is the LINE original design, famous characters and famous Anime are included in them. In addition, there are the companies which apply this in promotion.

They are used in this way. There are various expressions stamps, so, we can enjoy communication with other users without a text.

Originally it was only the free stamp of the LINE original. However, NHN Japan opened "Stamp shop" which sold paid stamps later. However, NHN Japan started the sale of the charged stamp in April. Then it was popular with users and achieved profit of 300 million yen(about 383M USD) at last in August. It is 300 million yen only by the sale of the stamp! By the way, one kind of stamp set is 170 yen... 300 million ÷ 170 = 1764705.88...

This is already excellent virtual goods business.

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