Gossip Girl became the mobile social game in Japan's GREE

Popular drama Gossip Girl became the mobile social game in Japan's GREE. The developer is Voltage. It is not the first time that Gossip Girl becomes the social game. "Gossip Girl: Social Climbing" released in Facebook more than one year ago. However, the social game of Voltage is different from it greatly.

This was released to beginning to sell of the DVD. Because Gossip Girl is broadcasted in Japan, and it is very popular.

Users become the transfer student who moved in to Upper East Side and enjoy school life with characters of the drama. And they simulate the love with male characters. In other words this is completely a female oriented game.

 All characters are designed by Japanese style.

 There is the avatar function.

 Users push forward a game to talk with characters. dating sim of such a form is common in Japan.

Emails arrive from characters occasionally.

Voltage is one of the representative developers of the dating sim for women. They have an original brand of dating sim called "Koi game".(Koi means love in Japanese) They developed a social game of Gossip Girl using this format.

By the way, they are eager in performing global expansion of Koi Game. They have already released some English version.

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