Nameko cooperated with a supermarket in Japan

Japanese mobile game superstar Nameko cooperates with a large shopping building for youths, convenience store, railroad and fashion brand in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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However, how about in Japan?  Nameko cooperated with a small inexpensive supermarket. You may wonder, but this may be a tie-up appropriate for Nameko. Because many foods including mushrooms are sold there and people come every day.

Photos via Nameko official site Namepara

Summitstore is local supermarket chain unfolding only in the Kanto area of Japan. They held various events with Nameko on August 13 - 17. The fruits and vegetables floor was decorated in banner and pennants of Nameko, quiz rally and art exhibition for children are held, participants of art exhibition were given an original sticker.

Furthermore, Nameko visited some stores and held the Meet & Greet.
We can check a event and the store in this video.

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