Puzzle & Dragons developer GungHo danced a samba in a local festival

Samba carnival is held every year in Asakusa, Tokyo and it is a traditional local festival lasting 33 years. GungHo, the company of popular mobile game Puzzle & Dragons is participates in this from last year. Their Samba team is GungHo Amigos.

GungHo Amigos was formed in the establishment tenth anniversary of the company.

They did Cos-Play of characters of the games which they ran, put on dress, T-shirt and paper crown of the Tama-Dra, the character of Puzzle & Dragons, and got on float with the logo of their games.

Of course GungHo CEO Kazuki Morishita  participated, too. He woar Tama-Dra hat and clothes with puzzle gems.

(Pfotos via Famitsu. They have more photos. Check it!)

Furthermore, GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE CEO Goichi Suda participated. They are subsidiaries of GungHo from February, 2013.

In addition, in commemoration of holding of the Asakusa samba carnival, players were given the samba ver. dragon in Puzzle & Dragons.

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