Tragedy: Mobile game developer SummerTimeStudio in Okinawa had a game stolen by someone

SummerTimeStudio is a mobile game developer based in Okinawa of the southernmost prefecture of Japan. They were local developers, but they developed a lot of cool 3D mobile games using Unity and cooperated with Glu Mobile in March. However, they were hit by terrible tragedy recently.

Now, they push forward preparations to release their games for Amazon App Store. However, they found that an account named "SummerTimeStudio" had been already made in Amazon App Store. Of course this is identity theft. Furthermore, this pretending stole their game and released them for a fee in Amazon App Store.

As of August 26, seven games were released for 103 yen without permission by someone(All their games are originally F2P). Hirotsu Takeyasu of the SummerTimeStudio CEO sent this matter immediately in his Facebook page and warned that malware or spyware might be hidden in these.

Fortunately, Amazon deleted these immediately. However, this is the case that is really terrible for a small developer. Hirotsu asked for cause investigation and repeated crime prevention for Amazon.

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