Stella of Angry Birds becomes Manga in Japan

I already wrote that Rovio Japan performs various measures to let Angry Birds be popular in Japan.

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This is one of them, too. Pink small bird Stella of Angry Birds becomes Manga from next month.

The title is "Stella~ナナと魔法の英単語~(Stella~Nana to Maho no Eitango~: Stella~Nana and magical English words~). This is a complete original story made separately from a story of conventional Angry Birds. The main character is Nana of the small Japanese girl. She moved to abroad for the business of parents, but she can't make friends because she can't speak English. Therefore Stella teaches her English words and helps her. Well, it may be said that this makes lower Japanese English ability and high Finnish English ability a motif. The writer is Hiyoko Hatano of the Manga artist and this is published serially in monthly Manga magazine for girls "Nakayoshi" released on September 3.

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