The Japanese personifies everything, even heavy equipment

Battleships, samurai swords, castles, sushi...I wrote various articles about the personification in the Japanese games(Please search "personifies" in this blog). However, a newer personification game came up. DMM(they publish personification sea fight simulation game Kan Colle) and Marvelous announced the new PC browser game "Ole Tower ~Over Legend Endless Tower~"(俺タワー ~Over Legend Endless Tower~).
*Ole Tower(俺タワー) means My Tower

Ole Tower is tower construction simulation game. Players collect various heavy equipments and tools, and build a own tower with them... but all of them are cute girls. For example...

She is a Crawler crane.

She is a Loader.

She is a Dump truck.

She is a mini-Excavator.

She is a Hammer.

Now, They accept pre-registration and Forklift truck is given as a privilege to players who pre-registered.

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