Mobile Game cooperates with a real cafe --- Colopl's "Nekomatsuri Cafe"

Now, measures to expand the world of mobile games to the reality world are performed in Japan. "Collabo(ration) cafe" is the most popular in them. As example, I went to Colopl's Nekomatsuri Cafe last month. (*neko means a cat in Japanese and matsuri means a festival in Japanese)

Colopl is one of the Japanese main mobile game companies, and their quiz RPG The World of Mystic Wiz, full 3D action RPG Shironeko Project, and town sim Meow Meow Star Acres are in particular popular. The motif which is common to these 3 games is a "cat". Therefore they cooperated with Sweets Paradise of the cafe chain and made their branch in Kichijoji, Tokyo full of cats.

Because there was too extreme popularity, visitors had to made a line and wait before opening. Numbered tickets were distributed to visitors for congestion evasion.

I was the 43rd, and told to come again 100 minutes later by the staff. 100 minutes later!

 Nyanko Curry 920yen(about 7.3USD)

Nyanko Mango parfait 860 yen(about 6.8USD)

I was kept waiting much to enter there, but the menus of this cafe were splendid. What a cute! These are the menus that games became the motifs and serial cords of the virtual goods which users can use in games as a privilege are attached to these.
Of course artwork of games are used for luncheon mat.

Furthermore, the interior of the cafe was full of artworks of games, too and visitors were able to enjoy taking photos.

Visitors can purchase the original goods of games as a souvenir after a meal. Because there are the time-limited goods which users can purchase only in this cafe, these are very rare.

The menus of such a collabo-cafes are more expensive than normal cafes, but they provides a special experience to heavy users who want to be devoted to the view of the world of games. In addition, the menus are expensive, but the value of special virtual goods is included in it. The cafes have a merit in this business model. Because they can get new customers by cooperating with game companies.

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