Angry Birds Fight! --- New game of Angry Birds that developed in Japan

Unfortunately the Angry Birds series is not popular in Japan. If Rovo was an ordinary company, they would withdraw from Japan. However, they carried out a more aggressive project. They developed a new game of Angry Birds from Japan in cooperation with a Japanese mobile game company.

Angry Birds Fight! is the real-time puzzle battle game that Rovio Japan and KITERETSU developed jointly. You may remember Puzzle and Dragons to see these screenshot. The basic rule of this is surely match-3 puzzles, but the important point of this is PvP. Players are performed matching of automatically, and they compete with other players for the score of the puzzle.

In fact, the system of this looks just like KITERETSU's representative game ZOOKEEPER BATTLE(iOS/Android). The animals of ZOOKEEPER became the birds of Angry Birds.

However, of course Angry Birds Fight! has elements only in Angry Birds. At first, artworks, voices and sound are the originals which Rovio dealt with. Green pigs appear as boss enemies and raid boss enemies of various areas. Players can buy weapons and clothes of birds using the coins which they got by  puzzle battles. It resembles Angry Birds Epic.

Furthermore, there is the function like  Japanese mobile game. It is Gacha. It is the vending machine which special items come out to at random.

They released this in Asia and Pacific area on May 7 and passed 3 million downloading on May 25. 3 million is numbers appropriate for the hits in Japan. They'll release this for a global market on June 11.

They cooperated with Japanese dance unit Tempura Kidz for the promotion of the game. The one of them is boy. Do you know who is it? :)

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