Largest bank in Japan cooperates with Ingress

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ(BTMU) which is one of the largest bank in Japan started collaboration with Google's mobile game Ingress. They made all of their branches and ATM "BTMU portal". Their customers can hack portal whenever they use branches and ATM.

In addition, they released new virtual item "MUFG Capsule". This is the first of its kind in Ingress, rare item allows agents to store and even accumulate more items over time.

Japanese Ingress agents are very active and perform various original activity. Companies pay attention to it, and are going to apply it in business. It is not only BTMU to cooperate with Ingress. Convenience store Lawson made all stores portal from last year(By the way, their symbol color is blue). The local government of Iwate prefecture utilizes Ingress for regional vitalization, and achieve big result. You can fully play Ingress if you come to Japan for sightseeing or business.

Ingress special page of BTMU is here.

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